Bao-Wei's Journal

So I have a family now. A huge family. and theyre all gods. I mean even the people I’m travelling were all half god at least. I mean I think since this isn’t some bad trip caused by rancid junk food, I gotta keep with this. Besides, I need to save my dad so i can sock him one.

I mean if he could send me a bomb ass meteor hammer – he could have send money so me and mom wouldn’t have had to worry so much. Or something.

And those two freaking ravens. Lucky theyre the Allfather’s personal ravens.

Also why the fuck are they expecting me to know about Norse shit. I went to public school, we didnt have time to go into that shit.

Whatever, I got to crack some heads. We’re on our way to Colorado to get the heart of winter and then it’s onto the next.

Bao-Wei's Journal

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