Penelope's Journal

A lot of things can happen in a day or two. Lives can change. I knew that better than some and not as well as others…But this is fucking ridiculous! Hehe, I mean, really now. Have the gods neva heard of easing people into difficult news? I’ve known prison guards with better bedside manner.

T’be fair, I’ve been doing a lot of research on the Aesir since meeting Hunin and Mugin and…well, I shouldn’t be too surprised. By any of this, really. Except…one thing. There are two too many spawn of Loki involved in this so far as I can see. Me and this girl Cybil, who’s apparently a speacial little snowflake. Not sure what way to feel about that. S’pose it’s not that out of the realm of reasonable that I’m nothing to gods. Just begs the question why me. Or…us, really? I keep looking around at the collection of us and we’re either the unlikely heroes or some sort of joke or sacrifice?

We’ve got a son of Baldur who doesn’t seem to be comfortable with the fact that his dad’s blood makes him a special little snowflake but uses it to his advantage easily enough. That’s gonna be a perk, but he doesn’t seem to want to be around any of us, really.

Daughter of Thor who just…wants to wreck everybody’s day. The more destruction the betta. She’s strong and that’s great but she needs some discipline? Hahaha comin’ from me that’s a lark, right?

Last guy I honestly don’t know what his deal is but he’s quiet and might be insane? Not sure. Hel’s kid. I should probably be careful about that. From what I’m reading his mother has no love for my father. Her father.

They’re talking about how Ragnarok’s coming but they have soldiers and warriors, gods and the spirits of men who have been training for millennia or at least centuries(, decades, etc) for that say. They know what’s gonna happen for the most part. Hunin and Mugin said that “sicons” like us aren’t as tied to Fate or something as the gods so we might be able to break it. But that’s…I honestly don’t know. Point is there’s gotta be something betta.

Way I figure, though, my old life didn’t really have much for me. Barring my possibly inevitable horrifying death, it’s betta than what I was doing. I just kinda hope I don’t screw this up too. Might as well have some fun with it while I’m here, though. Like crossbows. I can use ’em. Who knew. :)

Penelope's Journal

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